Our very own platform with resources and tools developed by our team

The Challenge

Codebase was born during the pandemic as an initiative from our team to help us connect remotely. It inspires us to share knowledge between project managers and developers within different teams. We gave our team an open brief to create something new and different representing us as a team for this project.

We created a fun and energetic product representing our team’s essence aesthetically. The icons and typographic system illustrate the project's digital aspect.

We developed an inventory of components, allowing us to share elements that we frequently use in our development projects that were previously tested and standardized to make the process more efficient. We also created a blog to share tips, methodologies, and resources supporting our newest team members. Members can also find quick links to tools we use in our daily activities within the resources page.


Platform, Interaction, Design, Front-end Development, Back-end Development, Remote Work