9 Reinos

9 Reinos

Exquisite mezcal that shares Mexican heritage in sacred moments.

El Reto

9 Reinos is an agave mezcal forged in the heart of Oaxaca, focusing on enhancing the appreciation for the rich tapestry of traditions and cultural heritage that define the Mexican spirit.

By embracing the essence of Mexican passion, brave spirits, and sacred revelry, we crafted an identity, name, and web experience that resonate profoundly, leaving an indelible mark upon all who encounter it.

We developed a robust and audacious branding through a traditionally Mexican logotype, bold block typography, an enigmatic and captivating tone of voice, and a color palette that harmoniously blends intensity, serenity, and depth.


Nombre, Identidad, Diseño UI/UX, Desarrollo Front-end & Back-end


Dirección Creativa: Daniela Garza, Mike Herrera & Carolina Ortiz
Diseño Gráfico: Fernando Valladolid
Diseño UI/UX: Andrea Balboa
Digital PM: Daniel Fernandez
Equipo Creativo & Desarrollo: Violeta Villegas, Roberto Del Castillo, Luis Pacheco & Jessica Moctezuma.