Pepe Palermo

Pepe Palermo

Mexican & Italian tradition in a can.

The Challenge

Pepe Palermo is a collection of distinguished canned wines originating from Zacatecas by López Rosso Cava, focusing on a more portable and accessible approach to wine consumption.

In the harmonious fusion of Mexico and Italy, we developed a name and identity that gracefully encapsulates the accessibility and simplicity of an aluminum can while upholding the sophisticated essence inherent to wine.

We meticulously crafted an engaging and distinguished name and identity, drawing inspiration from various cultures. By weaving together the architectural charm of Italian facades, the homage to wine, and the vibrant essence of Mexican rótulos, we pay tribute to the deep-rooted origins of our brand.


Naming, Identity, Packaging


Creative Direction by Carolina Ortiz
Graphic Design by Israel Herrera
Project Manager Daniel Fernandez
Creative Team: Daniela Garza, Angel Gomez, Sofia Páez, Estefania Morales & Osvaldo Vazquez.


López Rosso Cavas