Avión Tequila

Avión Tequila

A tequila brand that elevates the art of drinking the most renowned Mexican spirit.

The Challenge

Avión is an ultra-premium tequila that traces its origins to Jesus Maria, Jalisco, under the stewardship of Pernod Ricard. With a focus on curating unforgettable moments, the brand elevates the art of drinking tequila itself.

With the help of its new identity, we created a website that leans more into the ultra-premium feel to reflect the sensation of distinction, seamlessly mirroring the brand's resplendent new campaign in an aesthetically captivating and intuitively comprehensible manner.

We developed an accessible and sleek user interface for the brand’s refreshed identity through the intentional synergy between typography and imagery, breaking away from the traditional aesthetics prevalent in the industry. The result is a refreshing and visually engaging identity that presents users with an audacious and refined journey.


Strategy, UI/UX Design, Art Direction


Creative Direction: Carolina Ortiz
Art Direction: Violeta Villegas
Creative Team: Adolfo Mora, Carlos Gomez, Pamela Garcia & Jimena de la Mora.


Pernod Ricard México